Volume XV, 6-2016
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Businesses And Schools Must Anticipate Labour Market Needs Together

Businesses And Schools Must Anticipate Labour Market Needs Together

Czech employers suffer from lack of skilled workers. On the other hand, young graduates do not nd jobs that match their quali cations and have to accept jobs that do not meet their expectations and unfold their talent. The New Skills Agenda for Europe adopted by the European Commission in June, aims to equip citizens from early youth with a wide range of skills.

Better anticipation of labour market requirements and cooperation between schools and employers could help recent graduates gain a position on the labour market corresponding to their quali cations, agreed the speakers of the debate that took place on the 8th September in the European House in Prague. Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports welcomes the agenda, especially its focus on the entire range of skills and speci c course of action. According to Petr Černikovský from the Ministry, the title “Skills Guarantee” is not well chosen, because without suf cient motivation of individuals the acquisition of skills cannot be guaranteed. Additionally, he does not agree with heading towards the EQF level 4, which is not feasible in the Czech conditions due to the large proportion of people with vocational education without secondary school certi cate. That viewpoint is shared by the Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic, which also points out that the primary part of the agenda is to link digital skills with the development of STEM education.

According to the Confederation it is necessary to promote » read more «

The Czech Republic Must Be Ready To Block Certain Topics in the EU

The principle of the same pay for the same work in the same place contradicts the rules of market economy and distorts the European consistency. The Czech government must use all the possible means in order not to make this proposal come true. The Government has to set its priorities for negotiations in the EU and must be ready to support some topics as well as strongly refuse others.

These are the conclusions of a meeting of representatives of the Czech Chamber of Commerce, Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic and Confederation of Employers’ and Entrepreneurs’ Associations with Czech Members of the European Parliament that took place on the 20th of September in Prague. Czech hauliers have been facing many obstacles from the western member states in recent years. Representatives of Czech businesses agree that these obstacles clearly oppose the principles of the internal market.

“We consider the transport sector very speci c and that’s why the sector should be completely » read more «

Don't Condemn the Blue Card

The Blue Card (The Directive on the Conditions of entry and residence of non-EU nationals for the purposes of highly skilled employment) was adopted in 2009. Since then the directive should have attracted highly quali ed workers from around the word, should have challenged the EU labour market bottlenecks and should have supported competitiveness and economic growth.

However, the Blue Card has not come up to expectations and has showed many imperfections. The European Commission sees the reason » read more «

MEPs Corner

“The Commission has incorporated many of the recommendations I presented in the report on the establishment of a competitive EU labour market for the 21st century into the New Skills Agenda. I am therefore pleased that the cooperation between the European institutions functions correctly and that we’re working together towards the same objective, namely of a competitive Europe.”

Martina Dlabajová (ANO 2011/ALDE)
Member of Committee on Employment and Social Affairs