Volume IX, 1-2010
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EU 2020: Czech Businesses call for...

According to Czech government, main priorities of the new Growth and Jobs Strategy should remain because broadening of the content could lead to the worsened governance and communicability of the Strategy. Structural reforms and adherence to the Stability and Growth Pact are necessary to achieve these goals.

Key factors to be taken into account are: ageing population, insufficient labour productivity and growth of global competition, market of high value-added goods and services and long-term sustainability of public finances.

External agenda has to play supportive role – EU´s role of a key global player, promoting free global trade, ensuring the strategic raw materials and energy sources, active role within the international finance mechanisms. Set of coherent policy principles and partial goals must be defined within the framework of the policy areas mentioned. The synergy and interlinking of macroeconomic, microeconomic and employment policies should be ensured. Biggest drawbacks of the Lisbon Strategy were of procedural and ownership nature and not of content.

Czech businesses call for:

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