Volume IX, 2-2010
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From left: Pat Cox, President of the European Movement International and Milena Vicenová, Czech Permanent Representative to the EU discussed the EU 2020 Strategy on 3rd March, 2010

In early March, the European Commission revealed “Europe 2020”, its proposal for new growth and jobs strategy. The biggest challenges of the strategy are economic crisis that has driven us back to the early 1990s, constraints on public finances, population ageing, competitiveness at the global level and environmental issues. Without serious ownership, political commitments and efficient instruments there is only a small chance that the strategy will be successful. The strategy must have a controlling mechanism for its implementation and enable Commission to use “sticks” and “carrots”. Nevertheless, the Commission and European Parliament will have also their role to play. Business organisations are ready to become the watchdogs of Europe 2020 implementation. The strategy needs to be accountable, homogenous and comprehensive for EU citizens.

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