Volume XVI, 4-2017
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Low Attention to Business in the Digital Single Market

The needs of businesses are not given enough priority in the Digital Single Market strategy. „The Commission and co-decision makers need to work towards solutions that are fit for both consumers and for entrepreneurs; this is not a political option, it’s an economic need“, says Arnaldo Abruzzini, CEO of EUROCHAMBRES. Business ́ and employers ́ organisations reacted to the Commission ́s revision of the DSM strategy published on May 10.

According to BusinessEurope, Europe should rebalance its risk-averse approach to digital policy and foster the economic and societal benefits new technologies offer. Legislation is only required where real market failures exist. Both organisations agree that Europe needs a greater focus on better regulation principles and that the DSM strategy must ensure a level playing field with legal certainty and stability.

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