Volume IX, 3-2010
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New Power for European Transport

New Power for European Transport

From left: Fabien Hillairet, ČEZ group, Oldřich Vlasák, Member of European Parliament, Simon Godwin, EURCAR/ACEA.

The EU reduction targets for CO2 emissions set for 2012 and 2020 are putting the automotive sector under constant pressure. These targets have already been set for Passenger Vehicles and are now being discussed for Light Commercial Vehicles.

This initiative comes in a period when the automotive sector, a major industry sector and employer in the EU, is being hit very hard by the economic crisis. It is clear that there are limits to the level of regulation the sector can cope with, therefore new technologies must be developed. Where is the potential for further CO2 emissions reduction? An answer can be partially provided by electric vehicles. Numerous projects on electric transport in Europe are already in progress and by 2030 the majority of new vehicles produced could be electric. However, the development must be coordinated at all levels. Participants of CEBRE business breakfast held on 27th April 2010 in the light of the Commission’s draft European Strategy on Clean and Energy Efficient Vehicles agreed that cooperation on common guidelines and standards in electrification of transport is necessary as well as support of R&D investment and financial incentives.

Significant CO2 emissions reduction in the automotive sector has already been achieved and now the debate has focused on Light Commercial Vehicles (LCVs) that represent 12% of cars on the road. The European Commission proposes to reduce CO2 emissions from LCVs to 175g CO2/km by 2014 and » read more «

YES to „Made In“

For better protection of national products and better protection of consumers, some world economies require an indication of the country of origin on imported products. The EU is also considering, whether to impose an obligatory origin marking on products imported into the EU.

In December 2005, after discussions with companies and business organisations, consultative bodies of the Commission and consumers´ organisations, the Commission submitted a proposal for a Council: Regulation on » read more «

ENERGIZING EUROPE: Rules for EU ETS auctioning platform finally proposed

Cez Group All industries emitting greenhouse gases falling under the EU’s Emission Trading System (EU ETS), including electricity sector, had been attentively awaiting publication of rules for carbon auctioning in the third trading period – from 2013 to 2020.

Their “wish” was answered – the European Commission published a proposal for an auctioning regulation concerning the timing, administration and other aspects of auctioning CO2 allowances under the EU ETS. This regulation results from amended directive 2003/87/EC and should be adopted through the comitology procedure by 30 June » read more «