Volume IX, 5-2010
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Every business can be innovative! But it must be supported in its innovative efforts!

Every business can be innovative! But it must be supported in its innovative efforts!

Paul Rübig, MEP at the Innovation Conference (14 July, 2010)

The new EU2020 strategy focuses on the Innovative Union and calls for 3% of GDP to be invested in R&D. This reflects a strong European commitment towards a more strategic approach to innovation policies. Furthermore, the Innovative Union flagship initiative and innovation will be the topic of the winter Council of Ministers and the European Council.

As regards innovation, the EU is still lagging behind the U.S. How should the European Union enhance its innovative potential? More than 50 representatives of the EU institutions, Member States, research institutions and business associations gathered in July to discuss how to support innovation in the field of energy and smart grids, environment, research and education. Participants agreed there was a need for suitable benchmarks, fiscal stimulus, a better skill match and enhanced cooperation between researchers, academics and businesses. In the environment, there was also room for using nature through the eco-systembased approach and green infrastructure. Last but not least, adopted legislation must be implemented to deliver real results.

The European Union is giving high priority to promoting innovation in the coming months through the EU2020. During the CEBRE´s debate, David Harmon, Member of the Cabinet of Commissioner Máire Geoghegan- Quinn, stressed the strong political dedication of all parties involved to invest more in research and innovation and to create a Single Innovation Market. » read more «

New opportunities for Czech exporters – Western Balkans and Turkey

Martin Tlapa, Deputy Minister for Trade and Industry discussing export opportunities with Czech companies in Brno on Sept. 15, 2010

Czech companies have been doing business in Western Balkan countries for decades and have long-lasting business contacts in this area. However, not all of them are aware that they are able to apply for public tenders for supplies, services, works and building launched within the framework of EU pre-accession aid.

At the end of June, more than 30 Czech companies gathered in Prague to discuss with representatives of CEBRE, Czech export agency CzechTrade and Czech bilateral embassies, how to apply for the European tenders and enter the local markets. Via a website of the European Commission called Tenders Electronic Daily (TED) entrepreneurs can follow the EU public tenders on a daily basis. TED displays tenders with a value of more than 60,000 EUR of the whole EU, the European Economic Area and beyond these two areas. Information about tenders between 25,000 and 60,000 EUR is published on respective websites of the specific Directorate Generals. TED facilitates » read more «


The ongoing debate about the consumer acquis in the European Parliament is speeding up and parliamentarians seem to slowly come to a compromise on the newly proposed concept – targeted full harmonisation.

Does the compromise follow the needs of the European businesses? Business associations keep calling for removing obstacles arising from 27 different national rules (outcome of the currently applied concept of minimum harmonisation) while still ensuring common level of consumer protection.
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ENERGIZING EUROPE: FUTUR/E/MOTION: way to face new challenges in the power sector

Cez GroupCEZ Group has launched its long-term strategic initiative FUTUR/E/MOTION last year in order to have an efficient and suitable tool to support and implement new technologies. FUTUR/E/MOTION covers four strategic topics.

The initiative strives for reduction of environmental footprint by its support of R&D and use of new technologies in generation, distribution and consumption of electricity. It targets enhancement of security of supply and reduction of energy costs supplementing the traditional power sector with local and decentralised electricity generation. In order to increase » read more «